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“The mission of the Australasian College of Dental Practitioners is to deliver the latest advances in aesthetic, implant and restorative dentistry”. 


Our goal is to improve the level of patient care through comprehensive structured learning programs. We provide dentists with evidence-based education in a collaborative learning environment, with ongoing mentoring and support to create world-class clinicians of the highest standards and integrity. We do this by continually striving to be at the forefront of science and excellence in teaching, utilising technology to aid in educational skill transference and providing comprehensive teaching resources for our members”

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Dr Vernice Lo

As an implant novice, I wanted to start my implant journey with sound foundational principles and the diploma has given me just that. The course has not only been comprehensive in regards to the biomechanics of implant treatment, there is also a big focus on soft tissue management - a proponent under the wide umbrella of implant treatment that often doesn’t get much attention. I never thought I’d be that interested in perio after graduating (I have you to thank for this, David)! The mentors have also been exceptional - from holding my hand (literally) in placing my first implant to doing sinus lifts, complex soft tissue surgery and GBR procedures. This diploma has been the best springboard into my journey in the wide foray of implant surgery!

Dr Raghu Channapati

The programme was amazing. It covers everything from the basics to advanced procedures. Loads of information was provided and was supplemented by case presentations and lectures. The first residential was about getting the basics and thought processes right. The second was intense, and focused on taking what we'd learned to the 'next level'. To me, having surgical mentors visit your own practice is what really sets this course apart from other courses.

Dr Nasser Elhage

An overload of information and literature – it took me back to university days which was a great thing.  The more you put in, the more you get out.  The faculty are great clinicians with loads of experience, using cutting-edge techniques that you read about in the literature, then suddenly you’re learning and using those techniques. The faculty are always an email away, and took my practice to the next level.

Dr Anna Sahafi

I have completed a number of comprehensive implant programs over the last 20 years in Europe, US and now Australia. What I was searching for from this Diploma was a real focus on implant restorative aspects, soft tissue management and complex treatment planning all presented by national and international thought leaders. Due to my work and family commitments I also needed a course that offered both face to face and online modules. I think if you get to the end of a course this long and you still wish that it was going to continue, that's a great sign of fulfillment.

DR Sean Xiong

I’m a fairly recent graduate (4th year now) who had taken a few weekend implant courses and, with the practice owner, did quite a few fully guided implant cases. Not knowing more, I felt that I was really advancing in implants. But that was before I embarked on this ACDP course. I can honestly say that learning from Dr Chris, Dr David, Dr Michel, Dr Richard, and Dr Varun has completely changed my whole outlook not only on implants but periodontology and pros as well. Where I now start to reflect and question all the cases I have previously done (for better or worse). I look at a case now completely different. I no longer just think about placing an implant in the patient, but I now question how to improve the outcome if we could increase the soft tissue or design the prosthetic in a certain way. Even though the patient may not notice a difference, this course has made me want to be able to do the extra so that I can be proud of my work. Having David mentor me, I can say I not only learnt a lot, but I am extremely proud of the final outcome. Having had the amazing opportunity to observe Chris do an upper + lower all on X and same-day pros delivery on one of my patients is very motivating as a young dentist to aspire to. I guess I’m trying to say that this course has been inspiring and motivating. Honestly, I thought by the end of this course I would find implants easier to put into practice, but it’s been the exact opposite. I now feel that there is so much more to learn as I am now questioning and focusing on things I would have never considered. It’s made me no longer feel just content with putting an implant in the bone, but through all the journal clubs and research involved in the course, and the opportunity to be mentored by all of you, it’s motivated me to want to learn and develop more, both clinically and in research. Whatever the future holds for me, I think this course and everyone involved have drastically changed how I want to do dentistry!

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