Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry

General Information

The diploma is available to general dental practitioners, providing a formal approach to case selection and treatment planning. It is designed to develop knowledge and skills of clinical procedures for which there is biological and clinical research and outcome studies to support their use.

Courses are associated with formal assessment procedures. A minimal pass standard is required for each component of the program.

Assessment includes:

  • Mentor feedback on treated cases
  • Case presentations during the block program
  • 10 day residency
  • Written examinations
  • The Graduate Diploma prioritises sound understanding and execution of diagnosis and treatment planning and requires 4 completed cases.

Candidates are encouraged to read widely from the current scientific literature. The assignments follow a similar style of writing and required critical appraisal of the literature.

  • Failure of the candidate to complete all requirements may incur penalties.
  • During the course, a candidate who does not complete the requirements may have to enrol in further semesters of tuition, and as a result, would be required to pay further fees.  A candidate may defer before the completion of a coursework block, but work done during the deferred period will not contribute to coursework requirements.


The following competencies are expected to be learnt at the completion of the diploma

  • Clinical management of cosmetic dentistry
  • Management and leadership skills
  • Communication delivery to patients and team-members
  • Professionalism and ethics

Particular emphasis should be placed on:

  •  Diagnosis and treatment planning,
  •  Evidence-based practice
  •  Research methodology so that graduates will be able to critically evaluate the scientific literature

Residential Topics

  • Smile Design and Aesthetic Principles 
  • Teeth Whitening 
  • Perio Restorative Interface
  • Adhesion & Isolation
  • Anatomy, Matrixing and Layering Technique  
  • Posterior Composite
  • Anterior Restoration & Peg Lateral 
  • Masking a Dark Tooth
  • Porcelain Veneer 
  • Impression taking  
  • Finishing and Polishing 
  • Direct Restoration
  • Implant Provisionalisation 
  • Injectable Technique 
  • Ortho Restorative 
  • Photography 


  • Record taking
  • Shade selection
  • Adhesive Dentistry
  • Isolation and Haemostatis
  • Periodontal Principles in Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Indirect Restorations
  • Ceramics
  • Direct Aesthetics Restorations – Anterior
  • Direct Aesthetic Restorations – Posterior
  • Tooth Wear
  • Aligner Orthodontics
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Aesthetic Tooth Replacement
  • Occlusion and use of Stabilisation Splints

Residency Dates

January Intake: 20/01/2021 – 24/01/2021 & 18/08/2021 – 22/08/2021 – FULL

July Intake: 07/07/2021 – 11/07/2021 & 09/02/2022 – 13/02/2022 – FULL

November Intake: 23/11/2022 – 27/11/2022 & 05/07/2023 – 09/07/2023 – FULL

Fourth Intake: 19/04/2023 – 23/04/2023 & 07/02/2024 – 11/02/2024 – FULL

Fifth Intake: 13/03/2024 – 17/03/2024 & 06/11/2024 – 10/11/2024 – APPLICATIONS OPEN

Sixth Intake: 24/07/2024 – 28/07/2024 & 12/02/2025 – 16/02/2025 – APPLICATIONS OPEN

To apply, please complete the form on the CONTACT page and we will email you an application


2/63A Archer Street, Chatswood NSW 2067

Tuition Fee $28,600.00 + GST

Fees: If you are accepted into the Diploma we require an enrolment fee of $2,000.00 with the final payment due two months prior to the commencement of the first residency. Specialist finance available through Credabl.

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