Brånemark Theatre

Our Brånemark operating theatre is equipped with extensive photographic and media capabilities allowing us to live stream surgery online across the world and therefore broaden the audience base. An observation deck allows in-house visitors to watch and learn about complex procedures both with the naked eye and with the provision of a large screen for close-up viewing.

Articulate Clinical Media Productions

Articulate Clinical Media Production specialise in the creation of digital media content for dental education. We have extensive experience in the capture and creation of high quality clinical video. Combining expertise in clinical dentistry and clinical video production, our team can help to create compelling educational videos, CPD events and live-to-web broadcasts of surgical procedures, product demonstrations, lectures and interviews.

Hands On Training Facilities

Our spacious state of the art training facilites with fully equipped audio visual system, remote wireless pointer and live room streaming allows clincians to practice their hands on skills and obeserve live surgeries in a profesional learning environment.

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