Dr Craig Mallorie

Wales, UK. Dental Surgeon.

Dr Mallorie is a dental surgeon based in Wales, UK whose practising week is exclusively focused on providing oral surgery and dental implant care via his peripatetic service known as “South Wales Oral Surgery”.

He graduated from Cardiff Dental School in the UK in 2006 being awarded the prize for Oral Surgery. Following graduation, he completed a couple of years working in local Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Departments before moving out to Australia for five years. During his time in Australia, he completed the gIDE/UCLA Master Implant Clinician Programme finishing as their Top Student as well as completing a Diploma in Dental Implants from Sydney University finishing with a Distinction.

Upon returning to the UK he completed a Diploma in Dental Sedation at King’s College London before then working in London on the prestigious Harley Street four days a week and teaching oral surgery at King’s College one day per week. Whilst in London he completed his Masters in Oral Surgery as well as postgraduate degrees in Medical Education and one in Dental Law.

In 2018 he moved back to Wales, UK to settle down and set up his roaming oral surgery and dental implant service, “South Wales Oral Surgery”. In 2021 he was awarded “Best Single Implant – UK” at the National Aesthetic Dentistry Awards, a testament to his unrelenting passion for providing high-quality, patient-focused and evidence-based care.