Dr Felipe Bezerra

Graduated in 2008 in dentistry from Faculdade Baiana in Salvador, Felipe went to Bauru – SP, one of the reference cities in dentistry in Brazil and Latin America, where he specialized in the area of ​​Prosthesis and Oral Rehabilitation at USP – his great dream of the time from college. Restless, Felipe did not think twice about taking the rest of his free time to learn more. In addition to Prosthesis and Oral Rehabilitation, he also specialized in the area of ​​Implantology and has a postgraduate degree in Aesthetic Dentistry, Periodontal Plastic Surgery (gingival) and advanced Bone Grafting.

At the headquarters for knowledge and in search of the best professionals in the field of dentistry, he also migrated to some cities in Brazil for courses of reference improvement, such as Brasília-DF, Maringá-PR, Curitiba-PR, São Paulo. It was during this period that he had the opportunity to work for 2 years with one of the most qualified professionals in Brazil, Prof. Dr. Hugo Nary Filho, this period being an important milestone in his early career. Together, they went to the USA, where they took an implant refresher course at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in New York, coordinated by the director and professor Dr. Dennis Perry Tarnow, one of the great references in dentistry and implantology worldwide.

He returned to Itabuna in 2013 to carry out a family project and incorporate his experience to that of his parents, Alberto and Marta Bezerra, two distinguished dental professionals, who have worked in Itabuna for over 35 years. Bezerra Odontologia today is a national reference, recognized for its high standard treatments and personalized service, with a beautiful structure, being today one of the most modern and well structured clinics in Brazil.