Dr Richard Kallas

Dr Richard B. E. Kallas worked for 18 years as a Dental Surgeon, after completing his Postgraduate studies in Oral Max Surgeon from the Cooperativa do Centro de Traumatologia e Odontologia de São Paulo. After that Dr. Kallas placed in his private practice more than 10.000 implants, treating more than 2.000 patients.

Dr. Kallas has been involved in teaching and mentorship programs around Brazil and South America since 2000. He has also been heavily involved in research and started his Masters in Implantology in São Paulo, UNISA – Universidade Santo Amaro and also did some studies in one of the biggest centers of Cancer research in South America, Cancer Hospital São Paulo, were he completed a Post Graduation in Head and Neck Surgery.

For his intensive work and dedication is to provide the best treatment for all, Dr. Kallas received a lot of awards like a Premium Top Quality Brazil,; Comander of SOMO – Soberana Ordem do Mérito Odontologico; Ambassador of CIHM – International Council of Honors and Merits.

Dr Kallas is a member of APCD – Paulista Association of Dental Surgeons; ABEO – Brazilian Academy of Orofacial Aesthetics; ITI – International Team for Implantology.

Dr Richard Kallas worked since 2015 when he arrived in Australia with the Dental Industrie and at the moment he owns a Surgical Center UNIQUE Dental Lounge and a Trainning company ABI-Australian Biocare Institute.

Since Dr. Kallas decided to live in Australia and make this town his home town he has been involved with a lot of doctors and research institutes where he can share his knowledge and help many people even far from Brazil.