Dr Thomas Giblin

Dr Thomas Giblin graduated from the University of Sydney’s Bachelor of Dentistry with Honours in 2004. After working in private practice, he was admitted to the University Of Texas Health Science Centre at San Antonio in their Graduate Advanced Prosthodontics Program. Dr Giblin is interested in many areas of dentistry, but has a heavy focus on dental implants, occlusion and aesthetic dentistry. Dr Giblin is also very interested in the technical aspect of prosthodontics and has his own full service dental laboratory, heavily utilising digital workflows. Dr Giblin lectures extensively both in Australia and overseas and runs his own courses out of his teaching facility in Mona Vale, Australia.  He is also the member if many dental societies both in Australia and overseas, including the ADA, AANZP, ACP, IAG and AARD. He currently sits on the Federal Executive committee of the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry (ASID.org.au) and is a Member, Fellow, Diplomate and examiner of the International Congress of Oral lmplantologists (ICOl.org), the largest implant organisation in the world, where he also serves as the current President-Elect.